"Becoming One of the Leading Domestic Manufacturer for Fasteners"

Unytite, Inc. was established in 1986. Unytite began manufacturing products in early 1990, and since then Unytite has become one of the leading domestic manufacturer for structural bolts and nuts.



1986      Unytite, Inc. was incorporated in Peru, Illinois 


1990       Unytite, Inc. began production of bolts & nuts   1990
1994      Unytite, Inc. began business in the heavy equipment industry   1994
1995       Unytite, Inc. began business in the automotive industry   1995
1996      Unytite, Inc. installed 1,600ton cold press 1996 
2005      Unytite, Inc. was accredited for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001  2005
2008      Unytite, Inc. installed new cold forming machine 2008 
2013      Unytite, Inc. installed new hot press machine  2013

     Unytite, Inc. began production in LaSalle Illinois

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