Structural Bolts

"Leading Manufacturer for Domestic Structural Bolts"

Unytite is one of the leading manufacturer of structural bolts and nuts. Unytite manufactures all structural product using only the highest rated material, melted and processed exclusively in the United States of America.



Tension Control Bolts

Tension control fasteneing system is a 3 piece fastening assembly with a 12-point spline, a high strength heavy hex nut, and a hardened flat washer. When installed with a dual socket electric wrench, the outer socket applies the turning force to the nut, while the inner socket holds the bolt in place by gripping the 12-point spline. When the forces reach the designated torque coefficient, the 12-point spline will shear off, leaving the bolt and nut securing the application at the proper tension. 


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ASTM F3125-F1852 (A325TC) Tension Control BoltsTCS

  • Diameter: 5/8"-1 1/8"
  • Length: 
  • Finish: Plain/Black, Mechanical Galvanized

ASTM F3125-F2280 (A490TC) Tension Control Bolts 

  • Diameter: 5/8"-1 1/8"
  • Length: 
  • Finish: Plain/Black





Heavy Hex Bolts

Heavy hex bolts are generally specified for high temperature or high pressure applications. Heavy hex bolts are larger than finished hex bolts across flats of the same size.  

ASTM F3125-A325 Heavy Hex BoltsHEX

  • Diameter: 5/8"-1 3/4"
  • Length: 
  • Finish: Plain/Black, Mechanical Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized

ASTM F3125-A490 Heavy Hex Bolts

  • Diameter: 5/8"-1 3/4"
  • Length: 
  • Finish: Plain/Black

Name & Trademark

Our company name, UNYTITE, is a compound word consisting of UNY and TITE which stands for the Latin word UNI, and the English word TIGHT. Thus, it means "to unite tightly" and symbolizes the concept behind the fastener.

logo-symbol-only-2014-smOur trademark consists of the letters U and T in a hexagonal nut and bolt design which symbolize both our products and the two parts of our company name. The disposition of the U and T expresses in the abstract the Sky and the Earth, Male and Female, Water and Fire. It symbolizes the idea that two objects of opposing nature can unite and bear new creation.

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