Company Profile

"Innovative Fastening Systems, our commitment is to YOU!"

Unytite, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1986. Since then, Unytite has consistently provided the highest quality products to the customers and has become the leading manufacturer for domestic structural bolts and nuts.


Company Name Unytite Incorporated
Establishment December, 1986
Location (Peru Plant) One Unytite Drive, Peru Illinois 61354
Location (LaSalle Plant) 325 Civic Road, LaSalle Illinois 61301
Parent Company   Unytite Corporation
Number of Employees 131 members (at August, 2017)
Product Outline

Basic fasteners including ASTM standard bolts & nuts
(F1852, F2280, A325, A490, A563, A194)

Customer designed fasteners

Cold formed, hot formed parts


Company Brochure (English) Company Brochure (Spanish)

Name & Trademark

Our company name, UNYTITE, is a compound word consisting of UNY and TITE which stands for the Latin word UNI, and the English word TIGHT. Thus, it means "to unite tightly" and symbolizes the concept behind the fastener.

logo-symbol-only-2014-smOur trademark consists of the letters U and T in a hexagonal nut and bolt design which symbolize both our products and the two parts of our company name. The disposition of the U and T expresses in the abstract the Sky and the Earth, Male and Female, Water and Fire. It symbolizes the idea that two objects of opposing nature can unite and bear new creation.